Sterna Corporation (Expedition Sail)

Expedition sailing charters – adventure and scientific voyages in Alaskan waters.

Seal is a 17 m / 56 foot expedition sailboat, built for Antarctic and Arctic conditions. Her hull, built to our specs in 2002, is metal (aluminium) for extra strength and she has a lifting keel and rudder allowing us to dry out completely and access shallow anchorages unavailable to deeper draft boats as well as being a big safety feature in accidental groundings. We worked closely with the designers Chuck Paine and Ed Joy to implement ideas gleaned from many years sailing on Skip Novak’s original “Pelagic” (which Hamish helped build and sail in 1987). One of the big changes we made was the raised saloon that allows one to have a view of the outside world while relaxing, eating, navigating or cooking. A central heating system with radiators and the 4” of foam insulation ensures it is both warm and dry below.

After five seasons in the Antarctic and South Georgia, we have been in Alaska since 2013. We are based in the winter in Cordova (Prince William Sound) and sail from there in the spring around the Sound and later in the summer out to the Kenai, Kodiak, Katmai and the vast network of islands comprising the Aleutians (Dutch Harbor to Adak and beyond).

Please contact us to discuss trips to any of the above places or any other places in Alaska you would like to visit by sailboat and we can plan expeditions to pretty much anywhere on the Alaskan coast whether you are interested in sailing, hiking, climbing, ski touring, photography, nature or all of the above! We can also run “Remote Cruising Workshops” if you are interested in a more learning based trip that has proved very popular.

114 Nicholoff Way.
Cordova, AK 99574
PO Box 1225
Kate or Hamish Laird
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